JLOG S32 (jlog 3)
JLOG S32 (jlog 3)
JLOG S32 (jlog 3)

JLOG S32 (jlog 3)

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 JLog S32

S32 (aka JLog3) is the successor of JLog 2.6. S32 is telemetry gateway, logger and alarm generator with the well-known specialty to directly refer to data from "controllers" (brushless ESC), virtually sensorless. In addition, it can also use a number of own sensors. It was already a long time vacant, now it‘s finally here, after all the JLog history has been reimplemented, new functionality on top of it. In the 6 years of its existence, JLog has continued to develop itself in form of 4 models until now, partly because new communication partners (ESC, telemetry) sometimes required new interfaces. Whenever it was not possible by interface options (Who still remembers JSend, JCC, JSPEK?), a new model was due. For a long time lack of program memory and RAM was an obstacle, which is why there are for JLog 2.x more than 230 firmware images. S32 transforms the lack into an "upward open Richter scale" of available resources for further development. Compared to JLog 2.6:

  • Program memory: factor 16 (plus less demand on space by 32 bit ARM architecture)
  • Memory (RAM): factor 48
  • Clock frequency: factor 10.5 to 12 (plus more performance by 32 bit ARM)

Supported ESC (or FBL) with data interface:

  • JIVE (old) and Heli-JIVE
  • Castle Creations ICE/EDGE (all which have Castle Link Live)
  • Graupner/SJ BLC+T
  • Hifei KingKong III Pro
  • HobbyWing Platinum V3 with HiTec C200 Hall core current sensor as an option
  • HobbyWing Platinum V4 model 60A with HiTec C200 Hall core current sensor as option
  • AC-3Xv3 - DJI NAZA M (not in the first release)
  • Herkules III Multi-ESC (not in the first release)
  • More in progress

Supported telemetry systems:

  • Multiplex MSBv1, MSBv2
  • JETI v1 (JETIbox), EX, EXbus
  • Graupner/SJ HoTTv4 all 5 sensors (ESC, GAM/GEM, EAM, VARIO, GPS)
  • Futaba (S.Bus2) 6 Sensors: ESC TEMP TEMP TEMP ESC CUR
  • Horizon SPEKTRUM (TM1000) (coming: bidirectional "SRXL Protocol")
  • HiTec
  • FrSky S.Port

Textboxes and Livestream:

  • JETIbox [Mini] (pure text) and Profibox (Text + EX)
  • Graupner/SJ HoTT SmartBox, - text mode, GAM/GEM also binary (S32 as HoTT Tx module)
  • SM Unidisplay
  • OpenFormat live stream for LogView

S32 own sensors:

  • Analogue temperature sensor based on Microchip TC1046 (SM #2220, 2221)
  • Digital temperature sensors (up to 3) based on Dallas DS18B20 (SM #2820)
  • Speed sensor for external speed, - any, optical, magnetic (Hall), brushless - 1 to 2 voltmeter inputs, - directly or via CVS16 (16 inputs)
  • 1 to 2 pulse meters for servo pulse lengths
  • 1 to 2 alarm lines for controlling alarm devices
  • Prandtl probe (pitot tube) SM #2560 for air speed
  • SM GPS-Logger for ground speed and barometric altitude
  • Data bus: Monitoring of R2 HV²BEC: BEC voltage and current, temperature, input voltage
  • Data bus: R2 CVS16 16S Cell Voltage Montor (or 16 voltage inputs 0 to +73V)
  • BID battery tag
  •  Almost every value (also Imot) can be assigned with alarm thresholds, also logical and derived alarms as for a stall speed warning. Alarms are given into the telemetry as possible and are logged. S32 logs in OpenFormat for LogView (also DataExplorer), - max 65535 log files. For additional information LogView-ignored rows are provided in the log file. Information on the setup and status of S32 can be found in the header of a log file – less intended for the user as for the support.

    Log: Depending on the setup in up to 4 channels (record types)

    • Channel 1 (basic): 48 items, values and alarms
    • Channel 2 (supplement): 12 items
    • Channel 3: 16 servo channel data from Futaba S.Bus or JETI EXbus receivers
    • Channel 4 (CVS16): 32 items including CVS-specific warnings

    For more technical information, please review here.


    • S32
    • KOSMIK/JIVE Pro connection harness (smaller connector on S32 than on JLog)
    • Servo line for telemetry except of SPEKTRUM (Horizon SPMA 9580 required)
    • USB cable (micro type B on type A as for smartphones), SD card and SD card reader are not included. As mentioned, with respect to the SD card, each capacity is supported.